Brenda Fisher

  Authorised Celebrant

0487 388 485

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Brenda Fisher, I was born at the latter end of 1964 .  I grew up in a relatively small country town in Central Queensland in an era that allowed me a lot of freedom to enjoy my childhood and teenage years in a safe and fun environment.

I have had many and varied experiences throughout my life, some great and wonderful and some not so great.  I have always viewed all experiences as learning opportunities, some of these I needed to redo a few times but I learnt many valued lessons along the way.  

Some of those adventures saw me attend some very special gala events in my role as the media officer of the Mackay branch of the Queensland Cancer Council.  Through these years I also joined Mackay's Eyeopener Toastmasters group where I learnt the finer points public speaking.

In 2011 my first love from my teenage years came back into my life and one year later we were married.  Each day is a blessing and better than the last.

In 2013 I very sadly had to say goodbye to my father after his battle with emphysema and bowel cancer.  


I was blessed with a gift after his passing and with the support of my very wonderful husband I set off on a new and exciting journey that allowedly me to follow my dreams.

I changed the direction of my life and studied to get my diplomas in Counselling and also as a Modern Psychology Practitioner.

I still felt there was something else that I wanted to do and that was a dream I had held for about 20 years, that dream was to become a Celebrant.

 I have now accomplished that dream.  I have undergone extensive training and am fully qualified and registered as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant.  I am now looking forward to being able to follow that dream and I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to create many treasured memories not only for myself but also for many other people.