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Naming ceremonies are relatively modern. Previously families would welcome their babies into the community by a baptism, during the baptism the baby would be named.  As more people step away from organised religion they are turning to naming ceremonies to celebrate the birth of a new baby and announce it to family and friends.  Some parents choose to combine a naming ceremony with the child's first birthday.  They are no set rules.

A naming ceremony isn't only for babies, it could be that as an adult you have officially changed your name and wish to have a ceremony to announce your new name.

Sometimes naming ceremonies are included in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of blending two families together.


Vow Reaffirmation

Couples are choosing to reaffirm/renew their vows for many reasons, it could be to celebrate a milestone anniversary such as a Silver Wedding Anniversary (25years) or it could be that their relationship has suffered a crisis such as a separation and they have reunited.  It could be that the children have all left home and they need to re-identify as a couple rather than a family.

Another reason is that the couple have already married possibly overseas and were unable to have all their family  and friends present and wish to have another meaningful ceremony with family there to share their joy.

Regardless of the reason, all couples have one thing in common: they wish to reaffirm their bond to one another.


Love Ceremony

 Love ceremonies or commitment ceremonies are nothing new, they have been acknowledged from at least as early as the second century AD.  They are not as common now since the marriage equality laws were passed in December 2017.  Now on saying that there are still a number of people who would like to make a commitment to their loved one but either can't legally be wed or don't hold to the ideals of a legal marriage but wish to make an acknowledged commitment.


A love ceremony is not legally binding but still allows a couple to demonstrate their love and commitment to each other in front of family and friends.


These ceremonies are all $300.00 within the local area, including travelling to the coast.  I am available to do ceremonies outside the local area, however there will be a charge for travel and accommodation if required.

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